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About Commodity Vault

Commodity Vault is a mineral tokenization platform specializing in mineral and precious metal commodities. We are a subsidiary of BioTech Medics, Inc., a publicly traded company (Symbol: BMCS) based in Woodland Hills, CA, and are committed to unlocking the financial potential of rare gems, metals, and other natural resources. Heres why all that matters.

Who We Are

Commodity Vault is a tokenization platform with the goal of creating new investment opportunities while providing helpful capital options to mining companies. Our app turns real-world commodities like gold, gems, and metals into digital tokens, which can then be purchased, traded, or sold.

We provide the infrastructure for the magic to happen. We reduce the cost of entry by diving the right to use an asset into multiple digital tokens. By creating fractional ownership, investors can expand their portfolio with more reliable assets.

What We Do

Mineral tokenization is revolutionizing the way we invest in and trade mineral assets. By converting physical mineral reserves into digital tokens on a blockchain, investors can now easily buy, sell, and trade ownership of these valuable resources without the need for traditional intermediaries. This process not only increases liquidity but also opens up opportunities for smaller investors to participate in asset classes that were previously inaccessible.

We saw impressive potential in mineral tokenization for investors of all sorts and sizes, which is why we created Commodity Vault. Using our platform, we expect investors to:

  • Profit from fractionalized ownership of high-value minerals such as gold or diamonds
  • Gain democratized access to these traditionally elite investment opportunities
  • Have an easier way to diversify their portfolios and potentially benefit from the lucrative returns associated with mineral assets

Not to mention, blockchain technology naturally provides more security and transparency, giving investors greater confidence in their investments.

And given the financing challenges miners face (the majority of funds currently come from debt financing), mineral tokenization may provide much-needed and more attractive funding options.

Were applying the unique benefits of digital tokens to the mining industry, offering funding alternatives to mining companies and new opportunities for investors.

And by using Stablecoin, a more stable cryptocurrency compared to Bitcoin, investors can more easily track the value of these assets without traditional volatility risks.

Make Money with Commodity Vault

Historically, markets and investments tend to experience volatility at various times, but metals and natural sources tend to come out on the positive side of things. Theres never been a better time to invest in metals—and theres no better time to learn how to access this asset class in the form of digital tokens.

Want to explore the benefits of Commodity Vault, grow your wealth, or find other opportunities to generate revenue with our platform? We invite you to contact us today or download the app to try it for yourself.


Tokenization as a cutting-edge technology that optimizes and simplifies the process of issuing corporate securities on the blockchain.

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